The ModelGlow system utilises food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 6% gel with tooth whitening accelerated by our unique 16 bulb low heat LED light. This is the highest possible strength available for at-home teeth whitening products in Australia. There is solid evidence demonstrating the efficacy of this Australian Dentist Association approved ingredient.

Whiter teeth can be seen from the very first use and the system can be used daily until the desired results are achieved, but should be limited to a maximum of 7 days in a row. Treatments can be repeated every couple of weeks to maintain the whitest of smile.

Results will vary per person depending on your teeth and your eating/drinking habits. Tea, coffee, and red wine are often blamed as the main culprits that shorten the lifespan of whitening treatments, but in reality, even a healthy diet will result in some staining. Repeating the treatment every couple of weeks will maintain the whitest smile.

Teeth whitening can occasionally cause some sensitivity, this is normal. ModelGlow products use a gel that is painted onto the tooth and not added to the mouthpiece reducing the possible sensitivity experienced by some people. You may have a sensitivity to hot and cold foods for a 48 hour period after a bleaching procedure, this is completely normal but if you are concerned or in severe pain you should contact your dentist straight away.

Using a bright light during the tooth whitening process improves the desired result by accelerating the whitening process and reducing the time needed. The LED blue light in the visible spectrum, a wavelength of ~450-500 nanometers, is a perfect combination to get your teeth whitened very fast without sensitivity.

ModelGlow products are produced and safe for use in the home. The products are easily and conveniently used to produce the whitest smile with little fuss and mess. We don't recommend the use of teeth whitening products when pregnant or breasting feeding without referring to your GP or another Health professional. Please let your Health Professional know that ModelGlow products use 6% hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient.

The unique smartphone powered device needs to be used for a period of 25 minutes. The device has a start button on the cord, and once pressed will count down the required time then automatically switch off at the end of the treatment.